Our Certified Autism Professional certification allows for educators, specialists and licensed professionals who already work with individuals with Autism be recognized in the Autism community. Our Certified Autism Professional certification is simply put a professional who is responsible for the support and/or services provided to an individual on the spectrum that directly relate to the professionals’ current scope of practice.


  • Boost your professional reputation and credibility.
  • Distinguish your mastery as a specialist with Autism level training.
  • Increase your opportunity for growth with a growing Autism and Autism impacted demographic.
  • Celebrate and be recognized in the world your voluntary effort to meet beyond professional standards in ongoing professional development specifically with the growing prevalence of Autism incidences.
  • Include your name on the online Jaden’s Friends™ registry of Certified Autism Specialists.
  • A portion of proceeds go to support autism advocacy.


  • Master’s Degree and 2+ years of experience treating or support individuals with Autism.
  • Or Bachelor’s Degree and 10+ years of experience.
  • Registration Donation is $99.95  per business location. If you would like to certify more than one  business or service location please contact us.
  • Annual Renewal Donation is $99.95.
  • Proceeds from your donation support those in need of advocacy support services.
  • Registry application fee includes: public search, exam and Jaden’s Friends™ Decal.

Additional Benefits

  • You will receive an official confirmation letter of your certified status from Jaden himself!
  • You will also receive an authorized Jaden’s Friends™ decal to demonstrate your new friendship and Jaden’s Friends™ credentials to parents, customers and stakeholders.
  • You will be granted access to the Jaden’s Friends™ Online Certified Member Community.
  • Your certification can be verified by employers at Jaden’s Voice.
  • portion of proceeds go to support autism advocacy.

Ideal For

  • Teachers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Dentists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Mental Health Professionals

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