Our Vision

Serve as a global advocate, resource and pioneer in the development of innovative solutions for individuals diagnosed with autism, their families and those who service them.

Our Mission

We Advocate, Educate and Support individuals diagnosed with autism, their families and the professionals who provide service to them with the goal of creating an inclusive world that encourages those affected to reach their full potential while imparting hope.

Our Purpose

  • Be a voice for the voiceless until they are strong enough to have a voice of their own
  • Ensure inclusiveness for those diagnosed with ASD
  • Educate through certified training, consultation and programs
  • Empower families through education, resources and support that provide hope and healing for their overall health and wellness
  • Increase awareness through events, community partnerships to improve situational awareness regarding the challenges people living with ASD and their family’s face
  • Arrange dialog between government, NGO’s and research to further understand and develop services and systems that improve the lives of those affected by ASD