Just A Quick Hello

Parenting is challenging enough – especially since we don’t have handbooks, road maps, or Siri to notify us when we are doing it right or wrong. It can be even more difficult when we are pitched an unexpected curve ball labeled Autism. Pulling from the pages of my memory, there were many times after being given this diagnosis that my heart and brain had their own war of words and somewhere in the middle, I had to learn to be the peacemaker. I am happy to say that to date, I have found total acceptance. It is my wish to teach others how they can find the gift in this diagnosis.

At Jaden’s Voice our message is loud and clear: You are not alone. Support is available. There is always hope.

Jaden’s Voice was developed out of necessity and driven by compassion. Currently, autism is the most diagnosed neurodevelopmental disability yet services and support lag behind. Resources for autism can be scarce and costly. Most families simply can’t afford the financial and mental toll autism can take.

Following our Mantra, “No Family Left Behind,” Jaden’s Voice seeks to reshape a family’s experience by teaching them how to access assistance, advocate for their needs and for the specific needs of the individual diagnosed with autism. We offer training within the communities they live all the while providing hope and healing.
Jaden’s Voice advocates for families through collaboration and grant funding to grassroots organizations who provide advocacy, community training, and bridges gaps in services so they can be made available to all communities. Jaden’s Voice is proudly helping families and communities in all 50 states and in several foreign countries. We pray that one day there will be no need for autism assistance. Until then, Jaden’s Voice continues to speak up for those who need it.