Why We Advocate

Often times many people diagnosed with autism and their families go unheard, not just the population that are non verbal but anyone on the autism spectrum. This is often due to the lack of education, awareness, understanding of legal rights, navigating complex systems, ABC’s of autism language as well as resources and services that can be out of reach for some communities. By appropriately advocating for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families this will dramatically improve outcomes.  Jaden’s Voice will work with families in their time of need to make sure their voices are heard and their needs met.

How We Advocate


Getting your child the education he or she deserves can be difficult, even with the necessary skills and and experience, which is why we’re here to help you understand the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as well as Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). A child with autism is entitled to receive special education services, such as smaller class sizes and individualized attention to help them learn at their own pace. With an IEP, your child will receive a personalized lesson plan for their individual needs which can be amended depending on how they progress throughout the year.


Obtaining a job for a teen or adult with autism can be difficult, even if you have the necessary skills and experience. Applicants with autism are often over looked by employers because they may not make direct eye contact during the interview process and are challenged in social settings. We work to expose employers to national autism resources through training and certification to help them better understand and appreciate autistic candidates. 


Jaden’s Voice Cares provides support for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders during life events. Our program helps families to cover costs associated with critical expenses related to the well-being of the family member diagnosed with autism on a case-by-case basis. Awards are granted once a year per individual. Please complete the online application to determine eligibility.  


All children with autism have a legal right to a free and appropriate education, which is enforced with IDEA. This also means that the school must provide a less restrictive environment to ensure your child can interact with others that do not have disabilities. Even better, IDEA provides federal grants for states to run early intervention programs for children ages three and younger. These education services are a legally-protected right for your child, so if you aren’t receiving them, it’s time to speak up.


There are a number of financial resources for children with autism, including social security benefits. Proof that your child’s needs are severe enough to interfere with their social interactions, communication and imagination are required to determine eligibility. We can assist you in applying for Social Security and other healthcare services to receive the assistance your child needs.

Request an Advocate

Navigating through the world of Autism can be complex, let one of our advocates help at no cost to the family