We want to encourage different stakeholders to promote awareness and create a platform to service individuals and families who are impacted by autism.

With a population of over 14 million, one half of Zambia’s population are comprised of children who are faced with a myriad of health challenges. Among the health disparities and challenges faced by Zambia’s children and their families is Autism. To this end, JV Zambia will launch the JV Zambia Awareness Campaign to provide information, support, training, and other needed services for individuals, families, healthcare professionals, educators, clinical workers, local  governments, faith communities and businesses.


Servant of God

Born in Livingstone Town, Victoria Falls, Zambia, Stefan Akalemwa Sumbwa was privileged to expand his education abroad. First at a school called Breaburn Kenya, East Africa, and later England, Stefan graduated from Mayfield College, East Sussex in 1995 where he studied History, Business Studies, and English Literature.

Akalemwa spent 10 years in Livingstone Town, Victoria Falls, Zambia, running his own internet service business called Terabyte Computers and later becoming a political activist in the country promoting freedom of speech and democracy there. Since 2012 he has been active in Zambian Politics and his hope is to realize better lives for his people in terms of economic and social development.

In 2006 Akalemwa embraced the word of God and was baptized and became a ministerial servant of God in 2007 teaching and preaching God’s word. This is an assignment he continues to fulfill throughout his life.

Akalemwa’s current focus is to highlight autism through Jaden’s Voice, Zambia, Africa, engaging government officials and various stakeholders from all walks of life. Akalemwa takes a keen interest in autism since the number of children and families affected with the condition has increased to a point where the majority are being neglected, especially children.

There are only 2 qualified trained doctors dealing with such cases in a country that has a population of 14,309,000. Out of that number around 7.2 million are children, half of whom are affected with sort of disability. Growing inequality means that more and more people inhabiting rural areas of Zambia live in poverty. As many as 1.4 million children in Zambia have lost one or both parents and many end up in orphanages.

Here are few of the beautiful children we support in Zambia. With your support we can change the world!