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Jaden’s Voice has partnered with IBCCES to provided certified training, professional development, consultation, practical tools and resources for educational agencies, programs, practitioners, businesses and families working to improve the quality of life and learning for individuals who have been diagnosed with autism. This is done by providing diverse training.

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Jaden's Friends Have Benefits

Once you have completed the training and passed the exam, you will automatically be listed in our Jaden’s Friends Directory. Being listed in our directory puts you a keystroke away from thousands of individuals, families and professionals who are in need of autism inclusive services.

You will receive our official Jaden’s Friend Logo, decal, and digital badge which will serve as an immediate visual indicator which identifies you as a Certified Autism Friendly Establishment. It also verifies that you have completed the rigorous process of becoming a Certified Autism Specialist or Autism Certificate.

If your organization remains compliant with the certification requirements our mutual marketing program is available at no additional cost to you.

Autism Certification And Training For Professionals

It’s important to educate the public on autism, which is why we offer several community autism resources aimed at raising awareness. These certifications can be utilized by a number of different groups, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare businesses
  • Foster and adoption centers
  • Faith-based communities
  • Schools, universities, and colleges
  • Employers
  • Emergency responders (Police, Fire)
  • Businesses (restaurants, barbershops, etc)
  • Recreational Facilites (amusement parks, movie theaters)
  • Community organizations and service partners

Autism Certificate Eligibility (AC)

No degree is required

Currently employed in a setting that requires you to work or have contact with individuals with autism

14 continuing education hours:View CE options

Pass the online Autism Certificate Competency Exam

Registry Fee: $295*

Renewal Fee: $149 every two years

Registry application fee: Includes public search and certification number for approved applicants, processing, background verification, exam, and wallet ID.

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Certified Autism Specialist Eligibility (CAS)

Master’s Degree & 2+ years experience treating or supporting individuals with autism
(OR a Bachelor’s Degree & 10+ years of experience)

14 continuing education hours: View CE options

Pass the online Autism Competency Exam

Registry fee: $495*

Renewal fee: $199 every two years

Registry application fee: Includes public search and certification number for approved applicants, processing, background verification, exam, certificate, and wallet ID.


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Certified Autism Center Eligibility (CAC)

Business owners can also get their companies certified for autism care with this achievement. To qualify, 80-percent of your staff must be trained and certified to work with autistic individuals. You must also commit to ongoing training and comply with National Healthcare and Education Accreditation standards. Some businesses that might want to consider this include:

Schools and Daycares


Doctor and Therapy Offices

Home Healthcare Companies

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  2. Complete the form.
  3. One of our team members will give you a call within 24-48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of becoming autism certified and becoming a Jaden’s Friend?

  • Recognition for voluntarily meeting rigorous professional standards beyond professional and regional licensing requirements.
  • Enhancement of professional reputation and credibility
  • Increased opportunity for career advancement and/or increased earnings.
  • Listing on the online public registry of autism professionals
  • Your certification is recognized in 50 states and 32 countries
  • Continuing Education Units are available
  • Increased visibility and marketability for your business or service

What is the value in having my staff certified?

  • Litigation is a major concern in schools. Attorneys and parent advocates want evidence that staff are highly trained to work with the students in their care. District administrators report that being able to show documentation of having a Certified Autism Specialist in the classroom has been an answer to this question. In addition, schools have found that certification of support staff (such as paraprofessionals) has also been a major benefit.
  • Clinic and agency administrators have found that holding their Certification as an Autism Specialist has enhanced their professional and local reputation. Particularly, when numerous staff members are also certified.
  • Increased parent confidence in your support of children with autism
  • Can assist in procuring grant funding
  • Assists in compliance with special education law
  • Demonstration that your district, clinic, or agency has a strong commitment to ongoing professional development and support of children on the autism spectrum

Access to a community of autism professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to providing quality care

What is included in the price of the certification?

  • Listing on the online public registry of autism professionals
  • Monthly newsletter with updates and news in autism
  • Certification for 2 years
  • Continuing Education Units ** When applicable. Please see registration course breakdown
  • Jaden’s Voice Logo and Decal
  • A digital badge is also available upon request

What is the difference between Certificate, Certification and Licensure?

A Certificate represents successful completion of a body of coursework focused on a specific area and sometimes includes an examination of knowledge. Completion of the courses indicates a significant commitment on the part of the student to make the Certificate topic an area of expertise.

Examples of Popular Certificates: Continuing Education Certificate of Completion, High School Diploma, General College Degree


A Certification is essentially the process of publicly attesting that a specified quality or standard has been achieved or exceeded. Professional certifications,  such as those obtained through a credentialing program like IBCCES,  use a formal process to identify and acknowledge individuals who have met a recognized set of standards. Usually these standards include formal education, documented work experience, and an exam of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the job. When an individual meets the standards, he or she receives certification from a certifying agency. Certifications are nearly always offered by a private, non-governmental agency. These agencies are typically made up of industry experts who identify and acknowledge those who have met a set of approved industry standards. Certification is voluntary and usually represents recognition of the expertise itself. Completion of the certification requirements indicates a significant commitment on the part of the applicant to make the Certification topic an area of expertise. An individual takes the certification exam because they want to enjoy the benefits of certification which may include career promotion, increase in compensation and many other benefits.

Examples of Popular Certifications: Microsoft Certification, Certified Autism Specialist, Six Sigma Certification


Licensure usually refers to a state-based regulatory system, where a professional is required to document education, work experience, and perhaps some examination of knowledge level in order to legally provide a given type of service. It grants permission to an individual to engage in an occupation if it finds that the applicant has attained the degree of competency required to ensure the public health, safety, and welfare will be reasonably protected. Licensing it always based on the action of a legislative body. Once a licensing law has been passed it becomes illegal for anyone to engage in that occupation unless he or she has a license. The health care professions are typically licensed at the state and/or local level, but not usually at the federal level.

Examples of Popular Licenses: Physical Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Registered Nurse

How do I let people know that I am certified?

  • You can use the designation, CAS or AC following your name. A certification would follow your degree and license when writing out your name. For example, you could write: Jane Smith, M.S., NCSP, CAS.
  • CAS will receive a certificate via mail. You have the option to have this framed.
  • You may use the IBCCES, CAS, or AC logo as appropriate to indicate your credential. Please refer to our logo usage guide for specific guidance and to download logos.

CAS and AC receive a wallet card and can let individuals know that you are searchable in our database.

Is this certification recognized in other states and countries?

Certified Autism Specialists and Autism Certificants live and work throughout the United States and throughout the world. This certification is recognized in 50 states and 32 countries.

  • IBCCES uses the same stringent criteria that is used by state and governmental licensing boards.
  • The CAS and AC credentials are a testimony to an individual’s commitment to ongoing professional development in the field of autism. Practice is limited to the individual’s professional license and area rules and guidelines.

How is IBCCES certification different from state, government and professional licensure?

A state, government, or professional license shows that you have met the set-upon criteria to perform a specific job in that area. IBCCES certification as a Certified Autism Specialist or an Autism Certificate is not profession-specific, it is content-specific. The CAS or AC is used in conjunction with your license to demonstrate that you specialize and have additional training in autism within your profession. IBCCES credentials are a voluntary enhancement of your license and dedication to the field of autism.

How is CAS different from a University Degree in Autism?

A University Autism Certificate is proof that you have completed a course or group of courses. IBCCES will accept these certificates, provided they are within the last 2 years, towards the 14 CE hours needed. The CAS and AC certifications demonstrate a higher level of an ongoing commitment to autism as an additional 14 CE hours are needed every 2 years. The field of autism is frequently changing and this ongoing commitment is needed.

IBCCES autism certification also recognizes that an individual works in the field of autism. A university does not recognize this real life experience

How is the CAS different than the BCBA?

The BCBA is behavior specific. Many BCBA’s do work with students with autism, however, no autism training is required. The CAS and AC are autism specific. Many BCBA’s choose to also receive their CAS to demonstrate their commitment to autism.

An ABA certification is the study of a specific type of therapy that is used for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA education hours are accepted for the CAS and AC, but IBCCES does not require professionals to be certified in ABA.

What does it mean to be certified Autism Friendly Establishment?

  • A restaurant that serves gluten free food
  • An employer who supports an accommodating work environment
  •  A service professional who is sensitive to special needs customers
  • A medical office that goes the extra mile to make special needs visitors comfortable
  • Care providers who welcome autistic children with open arms

Your certification is recognized in 50 states and 32 countries

Continuing Education Units are available.

Increased visibility and marketability for your business or service

Other Training We Provide


By educating parents and caregivers of children with an autism spectrum disorder, we can provide strategies to encourage social communication, initiate parent-led intervention, think about long-term planning, and access autism resources for independence. In fact, research shows that families that have the right education are better able to help their children reach their full potential.


With iPads, and the Tech, Teach + Talk program, parents and children can communicate even when there are language barriers. Jaden’s Voice professionals will work to train parents on this technology which will reduce negative behaviors that can come from the child’s inability to effectively communicate their needs.

Individuals + Small Businesses

Would you like to support us on our mission? If you, your business, or your organization decides to become certified, we will add you to our Jaden’s Friends Directory so that families in need can reach out to you knowing that you can help to meet their unique needs. While there is an annual cost to remain a part of the Jaden’s Friends Directory, it’s covered in the certification fee, meaning you won’t have to spend extra money.

"The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice”

{Chinese Proverb}