Thank you for taking the next step to becoming one of Jaden's Friends! We are glad that you are embarking on this new journey with us!

What to Expect:

(1) The assessment is comprised of 26 questions. It could up to 1 hour to complete our Autism Friendly Assessment.
(2) You must score at least 90% in order to receive your Jaden's Friends Autism Certification.
(3) Once you successfully complete the assessment you will receive an email with your certificate along with a Jaden's Friend Certified Logo for use on your website so that your current and potential patrons automatically recognize your new autism friendly designation.
(4) You will be placed in our Jaden's Friends Autism Friendly Directory within 14 - 21 business days for one full year.
(5) You will receive a physical copy of your certificate and a Jaden's Friends decal to further display your autism friendly status.

The Assessment:

Each question is preceded with a passage loaded with important facts and information about autism. Please be sure to read each passage in complete detail and feel free to take notes as you may need them for future use.

Upon completion of this assessment you will be able to understand and communicate the basics of autism; How to recognize behaviors of someone diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; and how to identify if someone is having a meltdown.

Now that you have all of the information, you are almost ready to take your assessment but before we begin we need to capture some information about you to be included in our database for your new customers to find you!

Take pride in knowing that proceeds from your donation are used to help fund advocacy services for those in need! 🙂

To begin your Jaden's Friends Autism Friendly Certification a small donation of $99.95 is required to certify one business/service location. Please contact us directly if you are looking to certify more than one business/service location. Once your donation has been received, you will be automatically redirected to your assessment. Please click the donate button below before completing the form. Make Donation Here