Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability; yet, the visibility for our community service providers to be informed and educated about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is still limited which is vital in closing the gap on ASD resource disparities.

Persons and families impacted by Autism cannot easily locate and access the products, services, facilities and venues they need to live life with dignity as the community at large does not know how to meet these needs. Improving the visibility of awareness and uncovering mediums for those impacted by Autism to have resources in their communities will be the greatest challenge with the ever-increasing prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in our society.


Like all persons living in a community, those with Autism have basic needs that must be met such as access to proper healthcare, educational support, personal grooming, recreational outlets, spiritual development and much more.  Therefore, with the right information, community service providers can assist in meeting these needs of those with Autism. Establishing a clear marker for both service providers and the public can identify with, opens an avenue for those with Autism to seek out only service providers who can meet their needs daily.


Our Autism Friendly Directory is a place where families can easily access service products, products, and business who identify as autism friendly. 

By taking our autism friendly quiz and with careful review by our staff we would gladly have you listed in our directory to be a resource for the millions of families in need. .

How It Works in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Select your preferred Designation
  2. Select Get Started.
  3. Register and complete your online certification.
  4. Undergo Jaden’s Voice Autism Authentication. (if applicable)
  5. Just like that, your organization can be listed in our directory!


 We offer distinct learning modules that best suit each unique community partner such that they are identified clearly of how they service and offer Autism friendly resources to those with Autism and their families. It’s as easy choosing as a AFB, a AFP or a AFR!

AFB: Autism Friendly Business

About AFB. Being an Autism Freindly Business (AFB) helps businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations alike gain recognition as premiere service providers who go the extra mile to acknowledge and meet the unique needs of those who are on the Spectrum. This certificate does not require a degree or any specialized experience of working with the Autistic population.

AFP: Autism Friendly Professional

About AFP. Our Autism Friendly Professional quiz allows for educators, specialists and licensed professionals who already work with individuals with Autism be recognized in the Autism community. An Autism Friendly Professional is simply put a professional who is responsible for the support and/or services provided to an individual on the spectrum that directly relate to the professionals’ current scope of practice.

AFR: Autism Friendly Retailer

About AFR. Our Autism Friendly Retailer Quiz allows for those who sell products tailored to Autistic customers and Autism service providers be clearly marked as Autism Friendly.  By becoming and AFR, your product can be clearly seen as Autism Friendly on our Autism Friendly Data-Base.


What is the value of being listed in our Autism Friendly Directory?

  • Recognition for voluntarily meeting of Autism awareness beyond public standard.
  • Enhancement of professional reputation and credibility in the Autism community.
  • Increased opportunity for growth of your service and provide of a large demographic.
  • Visibility by hundreds of families that visit our website daily in need of resources
  • Mention in our quarterly news letter which reaches over 500 families

What is included?

  • Listing on the online public registry of autism friendly service provider and retailer for one year.
  • Monthly newsletter with updates and news in autism

What will I get?

You will be issued a certificate valid for one year that will be made available on our public search by any third party. You will also receive an official Jaden’s Friends decal by mail. CAS will receive a certificate via mail and have the option to have this framed[TS1] . All Jaden’s Friends will also receive monthly autism news updates via email.

What does it mean to be Autism Friendly Environment?

      • A restaurant that serves gluten free food
      • An employer who supports an accommodating work environment
      • A service professional who is sensitive to special needs customers
      • A medical office that goes the extra mile to make special needs visitors comfortable
      • Care providers who welcome autistic persons (children and adult) with open arms

What is the value of being listed in your directory?

        • Boost your professional rapport and credibility.
        • Recognize your awareness of Autism.
        • Celebrate your voluntary effort to meet rigorous professional standards in ongoing professional development.
        • Expand marketing target reach.
        • Increase revenue opportunities in untapped Autism demographics.
        • May improve in the chance of litigation and liability matters pertaining to discrimination and negligence due to lack of awareness.
        • Separates you from your competitors.
        • Validates your dedication to training in Autism to parents and clients.
        • Learn how to best manage risk in situations involving individuals with Autism.