Congratulations, You're One Step
Closer To Becoming Certified!

A Certified Autism Specialist™ is defined as a professional who is responsible for the support and/or services provided to an individual on the autism spectrum that directly relates to the professional’s specific scope of practice.

These are the benefits:

Demonstrate autism commitment

to parents, supervisors and colleagues

Promote a higher standard of care

for those on the autism spectrum

Improve quality

of instruction in the classroom

Be recognized as a leader

by your peers and maximize your earning potential


  • Master’s Degree and two years’ experience working in your field who treats or supports individuals with autism (or a Bachelor’s degree and 10+ years experience)
  • Applicant must have earned 14 hours of continuing education that directly relates to autism (renewed every two years)
  • Pass the online Autism Competency Exam (included in registry fee)
  • Pay Registry fee: *$495.00 (Renewal fee: $199.00 every two years) the cost includes your membership as Jaden’s Friend

Certified Autism Certificate Application