Autism Assistance in your Community

Through our community connection, Jaden’s Voice works to foster an exchange of knowledge, and experience services while we promote further understanding that serves as a platform for individual’s stories of success and challenge.

Here you will find others who are seeking to share similar information, work with our community partners who provide specialized services in local communities, gain insights into therapies that have worked for others and more.

Training and Certification

Understanding how to help a child with autism begins with the proper education.

This is why we provide a number of community training and certification classes to help local professionals and businesses get the skills they need to work with children, teenagers, and adults with autism. Our classes can also help you qualify as a Certified Autism Center, making your business a safe space for autistic individuals in need of services.

Your Autism Community

A diagnosis of autism for your child does not have to be grim when you have an entire community standing behind you. Jaden’s Voice works in a variety of ways to ensure that individuals with autism receive the equality, support, and quality services they need to thrive. By offering community training, a database of autism-friendly businesses, resources, and the opportunity for collaboration, we hope to normalize autism, provide helpful information on autism in children, and empower action for a better tomorrow.

Free Autism Resources

Our website serves as a free library of information for all members of the community. We are happy to offer autism resources for teachers, autism resources for paraprofessionals, and autism information for parents who are new to this challenging world. Please click on the following links for additional support. 

  • Faith In God Ministries (Clothing, Housing and Financial Literacy)
  • Child Advocates (Protections from Child Abuse)
  • Delta Community Supports (independent Living and Foster Care)
  • SPIN
  • Mass Mutual Special Needs Planning (special needs financial planning)
  • American College (A university dedicated to financial literacy and autism supports)
  • Partnership for Community Supports (supports coordination that case manages people who receive services through state funded programs)
  • Healing Hearts

Collaborate with Us

Join our online community and tell us about any tips on potty training, eating, toys, medical research, victories, or anything that can help inspire or encourage our autism community. We’re always looking for collaborators to help offer autism help in local areas. If you’d like to become a partner, or would like to be listed in our service directory for families, please email us at