I was diagnosed when I was 2 1/2 years old with Autism. Although in the beginning it was a challenge for my family one thing remained the same my love for them, they had to learn I just expressed it differently. I didn’t speak or use the potty chair until I was four years old. My family along with my specialist worked with me daily so I could learn how to do those types of things. I can now ask my family to play with trains, build with blocks, play on my iPad and go to the park. Although my words are not clear all the time the love & patience of my family along with the compassion and help shown by the many skilled professionals have helped me to know that I just might be an architect like my mommy says!


In 2009, my youngest child, Jaden, was diagnosed with Autism. I understood immediately what an enormous challenge this would be for our family. However, I made a commitment to myself, my family, and to Jaden that we would never lower our expectations for him simply because of the challenges that autism may present for him. As I researched and secured services to help Jaden, I quickly realized a deficiency of viable options to meet the needs of less fortunate families facing the same issues. It became apparent to me that unless a family had extensive financial resources, the essential needs of a child with autism could go unaddressed.

This realization inspired me to take action and find ways to address the needs of less fortunate families who are facing the challenges of autism: those who are not seeking handouts, but help.

These are mothers and fathers who want the same things every parent wants for a child: a fulfilling life lived in pursuit of hopes and dreams. I want to personally thank you in advance for your support in helping to increase Jaden’s Voice reach and ability to teach families and our community about Autism. I can attest that the appropriate treatment can improve the quality of life for both children and families. Jaden’s life changed for the better and so did our families. Now we want to give every family the same opportunity to access relevant and meaningful services by engaging them to join in one voice until the needs of children and families coping with autism are heard by all.

Help us reach our goal.