Message from the Founder

Our theme this quarter is Autism is Love.

Greetings families,

I want to welcome all of our new subscribers.  Thank you all for your ongoing support in making Jaden’s Voice a non-profit with a community that gives and serves like no other.  Our families are what sets us apart and as we continue into 2019 I am excited about the new direction we are heading.

Our theme this quarter is Autism is Love.  As a mother first and a community and business leader next, I find that love is what makes changes in the world.  Love is what can carry a parent of an autistic child through those hard times. Love is what can connect people of all backgrounds to say with one voice, “Our children are unique and special individuals who have so much to teach and give to this world.”

The team at Jaden’s Voice is hard at work refocusing our goals to enable us to assist families, schools and communities to offer them the resources they need to succeed this year and beyond.  Our plan is to raise funds through grants and donations in order to achieve those goals. We welcome any all inspired individuals who would like to donate their money, time, stories and products to be given to those individuals, families, and schools that need it most.

I want to thank you for being a part of our journey and would like to leave you with these words:

“Autism is a spectrum. Each and every person has their own shade that is needed to complete the rainbow. You are unique. You are important.” -Stuart Duncan



Terri Matthews, Founder & CEO