If you know someone diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are a number of ways we can help.
Jaden's Voice is a global leader in advocacy. We are changing, "what is" into "what should be." Our professional team of advocacy partners are committed to helping each family navigate through the complex systems that a family enters when they have an individual diagnosed with Autism. Services include education, employment, legal protection rights, social security, and healthcare services.
As the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder increases so should the development of quality support and systems. The need for professional and community-based training also becomes a necessity to improve. Jaden's Voice has partnered with Industry Leaders to provide our Autism Certification Training to parents, educators, medical professionals, employers and community partners. For your convenience, our training is offered 100% online and continuing education units are provided. On-site training is also available.
There is such diverse language when it comes to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jaden's Voice works directly in the community in a variety of capacities to ensure that individuals diagnosed with autism receive equal, quality services and support through empowered action, consultation, collaboration, information delivery, public participation, working partnerships, and formal partnerships.


Jaden’s Voice is an approved 501(c)3 charitable organization that has serviced over 3,000 families worldwide.

Today the organization is a trusted resource and partner to parents, educators, medical professionals, employers,
businesses, community partners, and elected officials. Autism is the most diagnosed and least funded medical
condition. There is currently no cure.

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